Email Marketing Trends 2019 [Infographic]

It’s almost 2019 and everything digital is in a continuous state of fluctuation — it is always changing.
As we search for more information, tools, and insights into how differing nuances affect our strategies on how we communicate with our audiences – our plans transform and progress.
Email marketing has been steadily growing in popularity for many years and about 3 billion people around the world use email to communicate with their friends, audience, customers etc.
With the volume of people using email every day, It’s not surprising that it currently generates the highest ROI for most large to small businesses today.
For each dollar invested it can bring in an average return of $38, or an ROI of 3800% 
If you are a digital marketer, it will be unwise to get left behind. Since everything is always changing in the digital world, it’s important to stay updated on the latest marketing trends.
Email marketing’s high potential to increase business profits makes following the best practices a necessity.
Here are 7 email marketing trends to keep in mind to maximize in 2019.