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Cleanfitx is a fitness blog that seeks to help people achieve their Fitness Goals through Practical Tips Coaching and Mindset transformation.

The client wanted to have a simple, clean, elegant design for the site. We have achieved that look by being consistent with the selected colors and prevented unnecessary clutters that can distract the viewers.

I’ve designed and developed the site and the blog post that is social media share friendly.
The blog site also features email opt-in flyins for lead generation and apple and google play APP links on the sidebar. The site also linked to an E-commerce store.

We’ve also provided Website speed optimization and it’s basic SEO solution.

When it comes to his craft he is really skillful and professional, and it’s really a pleasure working and learning with him.

Alexander Jundos

Business Owner, Cleanfitx/Forever Amazing Lifestyle


Alexander Jundos



June 2017


Website Design & Development


WordPress, HTML, CSS, Graphic Design, Web Design

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