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Message of Hope started as a business idea for Queenie and Prince’s Project Management class. Coincidentally, they enrolled at the same subject at the same term/semester but in a different class. For the whole course, they were tasked to look for a business that they can improve in terms of sales, marketing and etc. but instead of looking for a business, they made one!

Since both of them are designers, they thought of a way to use their skills not just for business but also to glorify the Lord. With the support and help of their parents, they decided to put up a Christian design and print merchandise business.

Praise God for they did not just have a new business, both of them also got top marks in their Project Management class! 

Message of Hope seeks to Inspire. Encourage. and give Hope to people through our merchandise.

It is our mission to be able to bring Jesus message closer to people and in turn give encouragement and reminder that there is HOPE in God.

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